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Spoilers in review Fallout 4 pc game enjoy the new crafting system and the addition of building settlements but after a few hours these become very gimmicky and in some cases completely useless. User Score. In this app, a lot of new facial appearances are integrated. Niksar da hava durumu.


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So the game is just OK, nothing special about it, and nothing bad about it, just more of the same as before. This fallout 4 pc game contains spoilersclick expand to view. Spoilers in review Fallout 4 pc game enjoy the new crafting system and the addition of building settlements but after a few hours these become very gimmicky and in some cases completely useless.

The story on the other hand is completely abysmal there is no interaction between your husband or child making his death completely pointless and I found myself having no motivation what so ever to find Shaun besides the quest requires me to.

The whole plot twist with your child now being a elderly man was completely pointless as you have no reason to care about this character,the game completely lost me when I had to decide my fallout 4 pc game because each of their quests are so limited and you basically do the same thing in each quest. In my play through I sided with the BOS and I found it complete stupid how in the final mission you blow up fallout 4 pc game institute,the brotherhood is about preserving technology fallout 4 pc game there you just nuked the biggest cache of technology available.

The ending was completely terrible too,there are only 2 endings to the entire game this is a huge step backwards from New Vegas’ multiple endings and even fallout 3’s multiple endings.

I was left completely unsatisfied. I also found the environments and city’s lacking character and lore they are only there as a trading hub and fallout 4 pc game you a minigun and power Armour that early in the game is completely infuriating.

Companions seem 2 dimensional and way too strong and the endgame is completely boring. The radio is good on the other hand though but I recommend Fallout 3 or New Vegas to anyone wanting to play fallout over this. It was soo bad it forced me to create an account. Play Video. Fallout 4 — S. Video Series — Charisma. Fallout 4 S. Video Series — Intelligence. Video Series — Agility. Fallout 4 — Character System Trailer. Video Series — Endurance. Fallout 4 — Announcement Trailer.

Video Series — Strength. Fallout 4: S. Video Series — Perception. Fallout 4 — Behind The Scenes with Dogmeat. Fallout 4 — The Wanderer Trailer. Like a reverse AVGN? Dude went from a sailor to Barney when his cursing made him lose a few bucks. My niece and nephew only have access to YouTube Kids and they love Sonic. They may be the few that discovers this content. I see your point to some extend, though some of this would absolutely fall under parody like the bomb one. I do sometimes wonder why some people spend so much time re-editing Star Wars to be more to their liking when they could be using that talent to create something they like better.

Then again, fans gonna fan. Man, that channel has dropped in quality. The whole “made for kids” thing has ended up being really bad for content creators, who can have their “not made for kids” affirmation overruled by YouTube despite the content genuinely not being suitable for kids. It’s because the “made for kids” flag means that content will be discoverable on the YouTube Kids app, but parents aren’t going to be using that app regardless.

Sonic has some of the most loyal fans out there, so to see their livelihoods taken away will never not be tragic. Well yeah. Don’t you remember the Adpocalypse from those Spiderman and Elsa videos? Do what some other creators have done and put a disclaimer at the beginning of the video saying “Not for Kids”. I mean Christian Whitehead helped with some pretty great Sonic fangame work and unofficial ports.

People might’ve said the same about him when his Sonic ports were taken down by Sega, but then he spearheaded Sonic Mania, a game that was by all accounts awesome, and arguably the greatest sonic games since the 90s. Even if all of these sonic fans aren’t developing content for Sega, without their community created content, the fanbase would’ve died off years ago.

Fan created content ends up being free advertising for Sega, and keeps fans invested in the property until the next big release. Obviously the ip is still owned by Sega, but if the company chooses to allow fanmade content to be made, instead of sending the old cease and desist letters, I think it’s reasonable to expect that the fan be able to earn some money for that work, especially when considering that the company is turning a blind eye to it.

Laughing out loud I can see that, though at least in the US Parody law is pretty clear and parody is allowed. It’s no different than what Robot Chicken does on TV. Not that I much care for such stuff, but I think creators have the right to make it.

I am generally all for corproations protecting their IP as they see fit. YouTube has become such a buzzkill. Nowadays, coming across untouched Spongebob clips with the comment section intact is like finding an oasis in a desert. The fact that South Park videos sometimes get flagged as for kids prove how meaningless this system is. That’s an extremely black and white take based on nothing other than some arbitrary notion you have that people who would generate that revenue by YouTube’s own terms should create their own IP, as if if it’s a supplement for a lack of creativity.

It’s not, it’s people who have enthusiasm for the content they’re covering, that doesn’t make them failed creators themselves. Either way, it’s a good thing you’re not making decisions about what content generates revenue and what doesn’t, so you’re pissing into the wind.

I agree with you. Fan-made stuff like videos, songs, illustrations, etc shouldn’t leave any revenue to creators.

How come nobody complained about getting paid when they made fan art on Deviantart or created songs of characters just for the fun of it?

There are thousands of fanfics written of lots of shows and not one of them complained about not being paid for it. I think the difference is that while fans do make content for these ips, nobody really mistakes them for official content. Sonic unfortunately has a fanbase that work exclusively in making more adult experiences, but you’d never find anyone believing that they’re official works from Sega.

Same goes for fangames like Sonic Robo Blast 2. They definitely have circles of popularity, but they’re not being monetised to the degree that Sega does with their games, while also keeping fans in the aforementioned Sonic loop until the next big budget release.

If the ip holder is okay with it, there’s really no harm in it happening, and is definitely preferable for the business. In a situation like this I think it should be up to the ip holder to decide if the creator can get monetised, not the YouTube platform. And since Sega has no problem with it, neither should YouTube.

If your content generates ad revenue under fair use then you get money for it. It’s not any deeper than that. Either way you’re fine with someone other than the IP holders being compensated, you just seem to have less of a problem when it’s a corporation claiming that revenue and not people making videos for fun. Basically, Sega is one of the most agreeable companies in gaming when it comes to copyright.

I’d say it doesn’t hurt to complain since this work is basically a job to him. I’m sure he could move on to animating other stuff if YouTube remain adamant about making his stuff for kids which I mean it’s clearly not, there’s hot potato with a pipe bomb in it , but he might as well voice his concerns first before packing up his bags and leaving the Sonic animation sphere.

A few words on Twitter cost nothing, so might as well try it out considering Sega doesn’t appear to have a problem with it. In the US it falls under “fair use” and it generally permissible if it is transformative or provides a commentary on the work itself. It is a pretty broad protection, and even if someone made something that was very off from brand messaging it would be protected unless it is directly disparaging i.

What sense does that make? Ah well. YouTube is good as an opportunity to make extra income but to solemnly rely on it as your main income will not go well as things will constantly change and your revenue will not be assure sometimes.

A fate worse than death. I apologize for coming off as antagonistic, but people already abuse YouTube’s copyright policy as it is and there’s often little to no recourse for people who aren’t actually stepping on anyone’s IP rights.

Youtube has become a horrible platform for animators and just content creators in general. Their restrictions have become more ridiculous over the years. If only they didn’t have a monopoly. Maybe people shouldn’t make pseudo mature fan art of characters specifically made for kids. Maybe Sega being so loose with their IP isn’t the best idea after all much as people so desperately want to trumpet about fan creations outshining the original works.

And maybe if parents didn’t just park their kids in front of YouTube the For Kids content flagging wouldn’t be needed in the first place. There’s no simple answer other than people are silly. And annoying. Some of the crap my friends kid watches pn youtube that gets thrown into the for kids section is extremely sketchy, we have to do double takes on some of what they say and so much is definitely not kid- friendly but it ends up there anyway.

One example is youtube does not understand what a character “getting brain” from another character actually means, that really caught us off guard, lol.

Lots of strong language and mature themes in lots of those videos. I always thought the “No targeted ads on videos marked for kids” was a very unfair double standard for YouTube. Do you think that when kids turn on their favorite cartoons on cable tv, the commercials aren’t very deliberately targeted at the core demographic of that show? And for all the hyped stories about how the social media networks can perfectly target adds to your interests Why do I get so many You-Tube ads for feminine products and urban brands?

I have no need for the one and no interest in the other. This perfect targeting seems a bit overhyped. I think it’s great that Sega allow this. Although I agree Sega should earn a percentage of any income generated. Remember, although this is Sega’s IP, it’s this guy’s video, so he is creating his own thing. The win win win here would be that he creates something great using Sonic, the fans get great Sonic content, Sega earns and he earns.

I’m sure there are fans that can make better Sonic games than Sega at this point. I’d love to see a fan made game that’s actually great and where both Sega and the game maker earn.

It’s essentially what’s happened with the movie, except it’s a large company producing a movie with Sega’s IP and Sega earning. I were on the safe side on my 3 YouTube channels years ago, and set all of them to “Not for kids”. This also gives more freedom on content. My favorite videos to show to ones younger than me Sonic Zombies People should be rewarded for making good kid freindly content, not punished.

YouTube Kids was one of the worst changes ever made to the site. That, and requiring a Google account and hiding dislikes. I used to love looking through comments on clips of old cartoons I watched as a kid.

YouTube has really dropped in quality over the last 10 years. Even some of Sega’s official Sonic videos, gets flagged as YouTube Kids, and it’s frustrating as I can’t see what other fans reactions and thoughts are in the comments. I want to point out that some of Sega’s own videos are flagged as YouTube Kids. Similarly, I love animated movies and cartoons, some of which are family and kid friendly Disney, Trolls, etc.

I can’t even read comments on stuff like Movie Clips for those movies to see what other fans thought or their reactions.


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