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You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. Yet the fashionable notion that the Palestinians were to blame for stymying the Lebanese war is ludicrous when looking at Lebanese history.

So too had resultant tensions, not only between sectarian blocs but between different classes of the same sect, as younger populists increasingly began to upstage the aristocrats who had represented their sectarian community.

Thus, for instance, Maronite aristocrat Suleiman Frangieh and tycoon Camille Chamoun, both of whom had held the presidency at various points, were increasingly challenged by the far-right Phalanges led by Pierre Gemayel, whose son Bashir ran a brutish militia for the party; they, in turn, maintained their own private militias. Similar dynamics occurred in the Shia community, where the old feudal elite would be upstaged by first Amal and later the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group.

Only the Druze community led by Kamal Joumblatt could be said to have its eggs in one basket, but Joumblatt fiercely attacked the status quo from a leftist angle. The Palestinians were seen, in particular by rightwing Maronites, as a potential boost for the growing Sunni Muslim camp. Historically and religiously bound to neighbouring countries and transnational trends in the mostly Sunni countries of the region, Lebanese Sunnis had been viewed with some suspicion by the Lebanese right; in the s, for instance, they had largely backed pan-Arab trends repugnant to Lebanese nationalists.

Thus they were kept under close supervision; when Palestinians protested on this count as early as , Lebanese ruler Fouad Chehab gave an answer worth quoting at length:. Lebanon is a country of sects and we treat everyone according to this reality. If we treat you as a sect, you will dominate the others because of your large numbers, your concentration in the same places and your passion for politics…The Palestinian problem is bigger than Lebanon.

For Lebanon will either repress the Palestinians or be repressed by them — and no third solution exists. By the same token, underrepresented communities in Lebanon saw the Palestinians as either an aspiration or an ally; these included leftists — whether communists, Baathists, or politically nimble adventurers like the Joumblatts — and Muslims at large. In order to circumvent this, the Lebanese army stealthily lent support to rightwing Maronite militias, most of whom inveighed against the Palestinians.

In turn, the Palestinian Liberation Organization — in spite of official neutrality and regular contacts across the Lebanese political and religious arena — drew closer to the camp led by Joumblatt, a loose coalition of Muslims and leftists upset with the status quo.

The Liberation Organization agreed to control its armed factions, but as in Jordan, whence it had been recently bloodily expelled , struggled to do so, particularly when confronted with regular provocations by rightwing militias. In one case, Palestinian militants caught Bashir Gemayel, the Phalange leader, after he had ambushed them, but let him go in order to placate the rightwing.

The Palestinian leaders were not themselves sinless — several earned reputations for corruption that conflicted with the high-minded ideals behind their resistance — but this was hardly unique to them and moreover taken as a convenient scapegoat for the preexisting strains in Lebanese politics, with the rightwing vilifying the Palestinians and increasingly the Muslims en masse.

Pop them in the freezer. White vinegar, which is commonly used in pickling is super acidic. As a result, it’s self-preserving, and its shelf life is “almost indefinite,” according to the Vinegar Institute. Whether you prefer table salt or sea salt, you can confidently sprinkle it on your food no matter how long it’s been hanging out in your spice cabinet.

When stored in a cool, dry place, it remains fresh indefinitely. The only exception to the rule is iodized salt, which only lasts for about 5 years. You might avoid recipes that include ingredients you don’t use regularly. But if that ingredient happens to be cornstarch, you might as well just buy it. When stored in a cool and dry area, the thickener is safe to eat indefinitely. Expiration dates are simply a measure of the last day a manufacturer will vouch for a food’s quality, not a measure of its safety.

Now that you’re informed, you can stop throwing away foods to help you cut down on waste and save money. Always use your senses and best judgement when determining if a food is good to eat, they will tell you more than the “Use-By” date on the package. Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil Extra-virgin or virgin coconut oil is high in saturated fat, so it can last an indefinite amount of time. Honey We all love honey, it carries antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Canned Vegetables Canned vegetables usually last years beyond the date mentioned on the can. Dried Fruits Dried fruits, one of our long shelf-life foods, take about years to expire. White Vinegar White vinegar, which is commonly used in pickling is super acidic.



[10 Foods that last way longer than their expiry dates – Page 3 – LivGood

download ms office full version bagas31 office max/depot near Tripoli. Trying to extend the shelf life is not recommended for fresh bakery bread, but the preservatives in packaged bagels and bread allow them to last. microsoft office 32 bit free full version free.


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