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Graves, in St. James’s Street; and T. Morphew, near Stationers-Hall. Price 1s. Saturday, March 24, 1. Dorinda of nothing afraid, She’s sprightly and gay, a valiant Maid, And as bright as the Day. Tuesday, March 27, 1. That’s his sign. And here’s now mystery and hieroglyphic. Wednesday, April 4, 1. Cartwright, prithee speak that a little louder, and with a hoarse voice. I am the bold Thunder: pshaw!

Speak it me in a voice that thunders it out indeed: I am the bold Thunder. Having said that This new 7. Can it get any better? Could enlighten me a bit on these other software programs are they like fidelzer or a completely different animal. Keep up the excellent work.

And it came by a USB! Thank you so Janos. I will let you know after some serious listening. So far so good. I am impressed. I recently upgraded to 7. I was pretty surprised with the change and just enjoyed everything. There are a couple reasons for this. Fidelizer loads automatically and there is no legitimate switch to easily turn it on or off without uninstalling it, at least as I understand it, and I may be wrong.

I buy moderately high end gear and try and get the best from my gear without sitting around trying to pick the fly shit out of the pepper shaker. I chose to buy Fidelizer after doing some lengthy research. People I respect said positive things about it and I went with it.

I am not going to test relentlessly or agonize over the level of improvement. What I do know is when I come home and put my headphones on and turn up some well recorded and engineered music, my smile is very big, and it stays with me a long while. I am happy. I use the laptop for playing music at the cottage I frequent a number of times through the summer. I must say, this is really an improvement. I run an Altec A7 bi-amplified horn system with single ended triode amplifiers.

It is extremely revealing. Solo voice is an extreme test. Your software made an improvement that is startling. I will move on to your best software package shortly.

Only after i run fidelizer free for the first time i realized how tired the sound made me. I was wondering in what other dimensions software could possibly make further improvement to SQ, then i got surprised again mainly because i was expecting something else. Hello My fidelizer Pro Works perfectly. The sound is wonderfull of naturel. Thank you very very much for this program. I use Fidelizer 7. This gives a very natural analog sound. Fidelizer Pro works great for me. In the first place, I do not want to fiddle with computer settings and this product is easy to use.

Tested it in my office free version and in my main system and the improvement in SQ was obvious in both. I heard improved separation between instruments, a blacker background, and deeper bass rendition. Listened to the Pro version of the software over the weekend. Thanks for the software that provides the finishing touch. Please accept my gratitude and delight! Your product is great! I again listen to my collection of audio recordings and it is a delight!

I wish You great success and new developments! Vitaly Kanischev. Awesome awesome awesome!!! No more annoying drop outs during playback. Music files are on a NAS. The improvements are everywhere. In a few words I would call it more crisp, clear, and transparent. And the upshot is that a fidelized W10 now sounds better than W server. This makes my life easier. Fidelizer has definitely made my system sound much more three-dimensional.

Hi Again Dear Keetakawee, I need to say is an honor to say is Amazing Huge Lovely terrific improve when use Fidelizer Plus and really my jaw take the floor, really need to ask you if the pro improve over Plus. Thanks for your help to down load my software, really thanks a lot. My view is that, besides the main components and interconnects that impart most of the sound characteristics, small tweaks in which I include power cords, power conditioners, etc. Thanks for the update.

I love your program. It has been perfect for my server. What a great idea to maximize the value of what one wants to do with Windows. I listened attentively to my standard comparison recordings for several hours with another Fidelizer owner and we both saw improvements. It seems to make good work!

More air and sweetness. The sound level seems to be lower than before, but i think this is in my mind, because of the softer sound. Similarly as before, the SQ has gained in the volume and quality of bass, better separation of instruments, clarity and depth. Thanks a lot. Best Regards. Fidelizer is great. The dynamics and musicality have improved significantly. Especially combined with Process Lasso.

Thanks for the good work. Thank you brother the sound was very good. Great, thank you. It is unbelieveable how moch better Server sounds. Especially orchestral music. I received your product, installed it and everything worked fine. I use it on a small Zotac nano — actually the first one they put out about five years ago. The listening experience is phantastic, especially DSD records shine with a deep sound stage and a precise stereo resolution that I have never heard before.

I installed Fidelizer Pro without problems. I am very satisfied with the sound. DAC: Altmann with batterie P. Media player with no network. Media Player is mostly Jplay, sometimes Foobar. Some people tell win10 is the way to go, some people tell win10 sounds bad. Should I upgrad from win7 to win10? Thanks so much for developing this amazing product!

Very much appreciated? I really like and trust your software concept. It makes a whole lot of sense. Nothing special but it sounds great for me. Thank you for your product, which is working wonders indeed.

Will have some questiones soon. Thank you very much again for now. I am running fidelizer plus in win server along with AO optimizer and the final result exceeded my expectations! Fidelizer plus gave to my system a vivid and truthful character, more volume and weight in the lower end, highs without grain, more air and space among the instruments and above all a little touch to transform the bit perfect play back to a highly emotional experience!

Thank you for all these… In case I want to upgrade to pro, do I have to generate a new key or will I use the same?? Everything is working thank you. Is it my imagination or does the digital now sounds more analog like! Again thank you, I just listen to music on headphones, super sound with your program. I had to email you to say a big thanks after spending a few hours listening with only Fidelizer pro on the Audio PC it is without doubt he best my music setup has sounded.

The sound heard now is more and very realistic, I could settle for this sound now? I have had the best listening experience ever with my system. This month I expect Audio Phil will release 2. But all my friends tell me either get the Fidelizer Pro or the Audiophile Optimizer.

The music is so enjoyable that it demands your complete attention with no distractions. While I really enjoyed your free Fidelizer purist mode, the Fidelizer Pro Purist mode is a completely different beast. I can go to the other side of the house and the clarity gains in the music are still quite evident.

But the PLUS! It makes me enjoy the music for itself, never mind the audiophile thing. After downloading the file, I immediately installed it on my audio PC, part of my dual PC audio system. It has worked miraculously and I have found the sound quality of my music system improved drastically.

It is far beyond what I expected. Since I started my endeavor of PC-based audiophile journey, I have now come to its near perfection. Thanks to your state of the art product, I have obtained the most precious sound reproducing system I have ever imagined with such as a low budget. But… you know, human desire is never ending. Now I feel my craving for even higher level of perfection welling up in me. Sounds really good streaming over Tidal HiFi. I was skeptical, but it is definitely an improvement; smoother, more transparent and analog sounding.

Congratulations on your work. Hi, thanks a lot for your hard work! The results are pretty impressive! With much appreciation,Igor. Included Nelly FurtadoThe Ride Tap Dancing and not learned a thing appeared pensive beautiful floating bass in chorus.

I cried when I first heard it. This is so close to LP fidelity. Just amazing! Many thanks, everything works much better, now I can enjoy the music without worrying, everything is in place and the H. Sound analog. You are a genius, thank you very much again. Thanks Keetakawee, fidelizer works again, great as always-i missed it a lot these few days! It sounds great! Been listening for a few hours now. Thanks for also putting up with me doing things backwards. After installing Fidelizer Pro on my system, I was pleasantly surprised.

Before installing it, there was no way to achieve that without interruption. Thank you Keetakawee! I think it is an essential software for PC audio, and one of the most cost-effective investment. I run my tested and I can approve that it all sounds great and the upgrade from the free version is much noted. Sounds Amazing on my htpc output spdif to my Marantz pre-pro from my Sound blaster x-Fi fatality pro, made a big diffence is the details. Thanks you so much for the product and thank you ahead of time for listening to my questions.

I am simply not able to accomplish my usual listening tests because whatever I am listening to, I keep not wanting to change that song, just keep listening to it. The clarity and presence is so prominent even with my Genius PC speakers. Next weekend I am going to the countryside where my real audiophile system is in an acoustically treated listening room. I can hardly wait. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your product, it deserves the highest rankings.

Hello Keetakawee, tried out Fidelizer Pro the last hours in Purist mode. Realy fine music reproduction. The best I heard ever on my system. Read in the last 2 years many positiv Reviews and they described all changes in audiophile way very well.

I can verify everything. Now I will advise my brother to buy Fildelizer also, because I had made him the same Audiocomputer like me. Alt last here is my Computer-Hifi-System.

If you have any more recommendations to tune my system I will be very pleased. Hi, It works very well. ASIO, loading decoded file into memory.

PCM up to without changes. All music some tracks and video stored on either of three NAS in local wired network. I also play vinyls but that is another story. Hello there! Thanks for your work. This small software is really great! The most I like in pro version is autorun on Windows startup. Everything works fine: no lags or hardware conflicts or any other issues. Very great Fidelizer Plus.. I have compared my system with and without fidelizer.

I note that there seems to be a more three dimensional image, cleaner, and correct me if I am wrong: Almost seems like I can turn the vomume down and still hear the details. Maybe it is a lack of noise. Thank you for a great software. Hope it will impact more on sound quality. Thank you and keep on good work!

I have no idea how effective competing software offerings are, but your Fidelizer Pro software program is seriously effective and whose improvements are patently real. I mean, enjoyably real improvements that are not subtle at all. With the free version of Fidelizer, there were noticeable improvements though mostly subtle in nature. The improvements with JRiver were quite enjoyable.

Listening to Tidal, however, was not quite as involving. Performance parameters such as transient response, dynamic impact and musical involvement felt slightly uninvolving. After upgrading to Fidelizer Pro, now listening to Tidal has become quite enjoyable.

Now, instead of sounding soft, Tidal sounds satisfyingly dynamic, impactful, and possessing life-like transient detail. JRiver is noticeably more involving and performing at a level I did not think it could reach. Music from Tidal and JRiver are so much closer to sounding like my CDs being played on a high-end transport, like on a CEC or Esoteric, that I find my listening sessions to last much longer. My fellow audiophile friends have also been keen to pick up on these improvements.

A lower noise floor, noticeable increase in focus and soundstaging, and a warmer, less analytical presentation.

A bargain for the cost of Fidelizer PRO! Purist setting used and machine configuration: Audio Render. Thanks, Keetakawee — I was able to successfully update to the Fidelizer Pro. The music is really sounding amazing, thanks very much. Everything is working great so far and sounds fantastic! Hi Just thought I would drop a email and say a big thank you for Fidelizer Pro. I had used the Free Version of Fidelizer, and l can happily report than Fidelizer Pro gives a further gain in performance.

Put simply, this is the best set up, l have had period. Thank you for the new version. I am really impressed with the difference in sound while using Fidelizer.

Thank you very much, the music took on detail and cleanliness. Played by Win 8. I regard good job. I bought the Fidelizer software recently and have to say it definitely makes a difference. I also found Keetakawee very helpful when I was setting it up. All questions were answered very promptly. I am really loving your software. I really made my system sound alive. Thanks for the file. Great Sound!!! After a few days of listening to my new configuration, I am happy to inform you that Fidelizer Pro is doing a very good job at optimizing stuff.

The sound quality improvement is more than subtle. Phellipe Wattel, the CEO and creator of the software Musichi suite introduced me to your program during High-End Show held in Athens two months ago and I am very pleased and happy with his suggestion.

Thanks for a great product! Tx Man, Difference is night and day. Many believe what happens to the stream before the microRendu is purified by going through the microRendu itself. Thus the theory there is no need for upgraded computers or software to optimize your computer such as WSY2K12v2, AudiophileOptimizer, Fidelizer, etc.

As for software optimizations, the Sonore microRendu and Ultracap LPS-1 easily resolve and reveal the improvements they bring to the table. More blackness, better spatial cues, better defined bass, a significant improvement in every audiophile term.

Fidelizer Trial version really makes quite a difference by itself. Fidelizer Trial improves the musicality of your system. In simple terms, the use of Fidelizer Pro is mesmerizing.

Instruments and vocals appear out of a black space. The soundstage extends beyond the perimeter of your listening room both front to back and side to side. The author of Fidelizer, Keetakawee, deserves your support for a job well done. And one more time. The microRendu is a great piece of kit that can be further enhanced across the network by the use of Fidelizer Pro. I purchased Fidelizer two the other day. I like it with high-quality sound very much. Hi, finally is worth the effort, Fidelizer is rewarding, easy to use and also easy to notice the upgrade, when purist is awesome!.

Also I am done with Foobar, I have nothing against their app as a remote! Only is need now, to install Asio drivers for video player, but this is for tomorrow. I thought Fidelizer were more difficult to use, but I was wrong. Thank you for your message. The software upgrade is fantastic! So I have never been able to enjoy music before!

Thanks for the support! I spend a lot on new cables and other hardware the past month and what a step forward it was to get your software in use at my pc. Foobar is just working so much better with more details and wider stage. It makes a big improvement to the sound quality. To listen the music without Fidelizer is not good, because I know it from the old PC until he get broken. Just go throught the system then I uninstall the virus software and disable the windows defense.

Then hola it works. And so far the result is ver amazing. Thanks for fast responding. Thank you for sending me the download link for my copy of Fidelizer Pro. The result is pretty spectacular. Instruments are clearer and more distinctly separated from each other. The words that the singer is singing are clearer.

Wider and deeper soundstage 5. Interestingly, the PC seems to run faster. I have been tweaking my Computer Audio setup for a few years. I have been following Fidelizer for the past 2 years in the various forums. Well, if we talk about audio…no. Excuse me. And in an OB system the effect is at least the double than in a traditional 2way system.

I have installed the Fidelitzer Pro, everything functions easily. Effect with Fidelizer Pro Space picture broader and deeper Resolution is better All together very realistic reproduction. For now is all, keep your good work , for me is ripping time LOL? After I allowed it to do its thing I was blown away. Firstly I would like to say I have been using Fidelizer for some time now and moving into the pro version a short while back.

It does everything you say to major sonic advantage. I run many audio systems both Windows and OS X based in my listening room. Hello, thanks for the update.

Look forward installing the new version. I was really surprised about the results using the former one. It sounds better in contradiction to some comparisons to be found in the internet. Thank you for sending a new version of Fidelizer Pro to me. Today I made it sure that this new version software runs correctly in my music PC.

Fidelizer brings me a lot of enjoyment in listening to music with its high quality PC optimizations. Running through a Chord 2qute dac it sounds fantastic but im still to make up my find on wasapi or asio??? Hi, My congratulation for your program. It works fine and the improvements are easily audible: mostly I have found a better bass articulation, more overall transparency, and a better depth of image. Best regards,. Thank You, Keetakawee, installation was easy — the sound is absolutely great!

The laptop is used for audio only. Just wanted to say the pro version takes everything to the next level, really worth the upgrade! Still early days but my impressions so far has been very positive. The software works seamlessly and Windows has been stable so far. Having said this, in my warm Unison Research S6 and Harbeth P3esr stereo system coupled by Duelund tinned copper DC16Ga speaker cables I felt the Fidelizer added almost too much texture to already rich midrange and mid-base.

Switching to Purist level addressed this adding more air and exposing treble in the sound signature. Thank you for Your helping! It was very fast. The sound is very good! I was a little worried. Listening and enjoying so far. Thank you so much. Your software is very wonderful.

Thanks so much again. The sound is much much better with Fidelizer. Much more open and clearer. Your software clearly and definitely improves recording quality.

A lot. Your software is superb even with someone like me installing it. It sounds so much better than my regular computer. Hi Keetakawee, All I can say is wow, I am in audio heaven.

I cannot believe the difference between the free version and the Pro version, it is simply amazing, thank you so much for making Fidelizer Pro work so well. You are a genius. I wish you a long life and happiness. Regards Kevin Knight. My feeling is a clearer sound and a more precise scene construction.

Yes I tried it and it sounds great. Made the sound very clear and detailed. Also took out some of the bass so I had to add more bass on the amplifier. It was strange. But I like it that way. I set it up with the Network Render profile. The first results are very good altough I need to do some finetuning no easy access to the NAS at the moment.

I will let you know. I already hear increased focus and better placement compared to the free version which was an improvement already. Unbelieveable this is possible by managing priorities in the os. You must be really knowing what you are doing…. I had heard of a few optimizer programs designed to improve computer audio sound, but I was sceptical.

After looking around on the web I found an interesting product called Fidelizer. I decided to give it a try for several reasons; it had good reviews, the creator was very active in support of his product, and there was a free version. It sat on my Windows 10 computer while I attended to other things. However this happy state of affairs did not last long enough to make any conclusions about Fidelizer.

The Air program and Windows 10 stopped working together after a Win 10 update and I could get no music to play via Air over Ethernet. Troubles with Air are common among Devialet owners. So I grudgingly went to the inferior sounding USB input. Quite a drop in sound quality in my setup. So my audiophile wife, yes such creatures do exist, and I got comfortable in our Audio room for what we assumed would be a protracted listening session to notice any differences with Fidelizer.

Kuhn Keetakawee, the creator of Fidelizer, had suggested I use the maximum setting of Fidelizer free which is called Purist. Yes, I got a personal email from the creator of Fidelizer in using the free version. That is rare! Ok all set, and we listened to three familiar tracks without Fidelizer. Nice, but not as good as over Ethernet with the infuriating Air application. Maybe ten seconds into the tract my wife and I are staring at each other in joyous disbelief.

My wife says, what happened it sounds great. Yes it was a very big jump in sound quality in our system. I explained to my wife that this was the free version and there were two more powerful versions with promised improvement at each step. We came to following conclusions regarding Fidelizer, we ordered the maximally Fidelized Nimitra music server, and my wife renamed the product for us as the Fabulizer. Even to the extend of going to device manager and disabling any hardware that is not essential reducing processor IRQ.

All works well! My system with JRiver began to sound bladeturn and clean. All the best! Whoaw what a huge improvement! It runs very smooth in audiophile mode. Thanks for answer me quickly, yes bouth disc run in the same machine. The sound was great, but now is even better. Congratulations for your app. Again, thanks a lot. In the side chapels are several works of Marco Mazzaroppi, the best representing S. Gregory the Great, and the Martyrdom of S. Beneath the high altar, and surrounded by a chain of lamps, repose Benedict and Scholastica, with these words only over their grave, ” Benedictum et Scholasticam, Uno in terris partu editos, Una in Deuin pictate coelo redditos, Unus hie excipit tumulus Mortalis deposit!

In the sacristy a number of magnificent old copes are preserved. Here are a curious old brazier and a stone lavatory.

The services are four daily. The refectory contains an immense picture by Francesco and Leandro Bassano. In the upper part, Christ is represented performing the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes; in the lower, S.

Benedict is distributing the symbolical bread of the Benedictine rule. The Library, built in the sixteenth century, by the Abbot Squarcialupi, contains about 20, volumes. Its origin mounts up to the foundation of the abbey, for S.

Benedict mentions it in one of the rules of his Order. Eight hundred original diplomas remain, containing the charters and privileges accorded to the abbey by popes, emperors, and kings. The collection of Lombard charters deserves especial notice on account of the miniatures placed at the head of each, a contemporary portrait-gallery rudely executed, but at least interesting, as displaying the costume of the time.

The earUest charter, bearing date , is of a Prince of Beneventum, and begins — ” Ajo Dei providentia Lx ngobardorum gentis princeps. Amongst the MSS. Most of the pictures at Mont Cassino were stolen to form the gallery at Naples. A few sketches, by old masters, which remain, are collected in the cell of S. It requires more than a passing visit to Monte Cassiuo in order reaUy to appreciate it. The views are such as grow upon one daily, and are full of interest.

The highest peak is Monte Cairo, near the foot of which is the patriarchal fortress of the family of S. Through the valley winds the Garigiiano. In the plain between it and the sea the great battle was gained by Gonsalvo da Cordova, from Pietro de’ Medici, who was drowned in crossing the GarigUano, and to whom his uncle, Clement VII. Between the mountains the Mediterranean may be descried, gUttering in the Bay of Gaeta.

The services which Jlonte Cassino has rendered to Uterature have exempted it from the entire confiscation which has fallen upon other religious houses in Southern Italy since its incorpora- tion in the kingdom. But the monks have a bare subsistence allowed them, and times are indeed changed since the Abbot of Monte Cassino, ” Abbas Abbatum,” was the first baron of the kingdom of Naples, administrator of a diocese created composed of 37 parishes ; while amongst the dependencies of the abbey were 4 bishoprics, 2 principahties, 20 countships, castles, towns and villages, manors, 23 seaports, 33 islands, mills, tracts of land, and churches.

Its revenues at the end of the sixteenth century were valued at , ducats. The abbot is bishop during his spiritual rule, which is hmited to six years, after which he becomes a simple monk again, only retaining the right of wearing the abbatial cross, and of precedence in rehgious ceremonies.

The town, several miles to the right, at the foot of Rocca Monfina, ft. It has stabling for a hundred horses. In the cloister of a suppressed convent is the efhgy of Marino Marziano, Duke of Sessa, who married a sister of Ferdinand I. He was seized and im- prisoned in the dungeons of the Castel Nuovo at Naples, where he died, some say was strangled.

The mineral springs of Teano had a very early celebrity and are mentioned by Pliny. The chalybeate spring, called Acqua delle Canterelle, is the source of the Savone, stigmatised by Statius as ” piger,” or lazy. There is an exquisitely beautiful view toward the sea and islands from the neighbourhood of Teano. Sparanise miles from Rome. Hence there is the line toGaeta.

The cathedral is dedicated to its first bishop, S. Traversing the plain of the Volturno, and crossing the river, we reach — Capua Inn, Lo:anda della Posta , a walled city 15, inhabi- tants , founded , by Count Lando and his brothers, on the site of the ancient Casilinum, which so stoutly resisted Hannibal. The Duomo is approached by a quadrangular court surrounded by twenty ancient columns. The interior eleventh century is a three-aisled basilica. Its twenty-four granite columns have newly gilt capitals.

The black marble font is supported on lions. At the third altar on the right is a Madonna, between SS. Stephen and Lucy, of , by Antoniazzo. The Norman crjrpt has twenty-two ancient columns, and contains a sarcophagus with a relief of the Hunt of Meleager, and a Holy Sepulchre by Botti- glieri.

Until recent times the Archbishop of Capua was one of the greatest ecclesiastical dignitaries in Italy. In the Piazza de’ Giudici is the modern Arch of S. Eligio, and many inscriptions.

In front of the Church of S. Eligio are two ancient columns. The Torre Mignana still exists, to which the women fled when male inhabitants of Capua were massacred during the sack of the town by Caesar Borgia in The Cappella de’ Morti, outside the town, is the place where mass was said for their souls. The Museo Campano contains many objects of interest, especially statues in tufo. There are also some portrait-corbels from the Castello of Frederick II. Maxia di Capua or S. Five years later it was taken by the Romans, who degraded it to the position of a third-rate provincial town ; but it rose again to prosperity under the Caesars, and continued to flourish till the invasion of Genseric, from which time it fell into ruin, being totally destroyed by the Saracens in a.

Of late years S. Maria has had a revival, chiefly owing to a small trade in leather. The magnificent ruins of the Amphitheatre on the road to modern Capua, carriage thither i lira : entrance 50 c. The measurements, by ft. It was from the gladiatorial schools of Capua that Spartacus broke out with seventy companions in 73 B. Not far distant are the remains of a Triumphal Arch, crossing the road.

The Mens Tifata ft. Maria, turning right beyond the amphitheatre , is S. Angelo in Formis , a very interesting church, which is mentioned in records of the tenth, and is adorned with remarkable Byzantinesque frescoes of the eleventh century, illustrating entire sacred history.

In the apse is seen the enthroned Saviour. The name in Formis is derived from the remains of an ancient aqueduct in the neighbour- hood. The railway proceeds through the richly planted Terra di Lavoro, level, and intersected with lines of poplars, with vines festooning from tree to tree, to — Caserta 19, inhabitants , ft.

In its vastness and desolation it recalls the Escurial. It was considered by Valery and others to be the noblest con- ception of a palace in Europe. It forms a rectangle. Its fa9ade is ft.

It depends on no accessories, nor tricks of the picturesque ; it challenges inspection near or remote ; it demands an immense plain and solitude. To visit the interior a permesso obtained either here, or at the Palazzo Reale at Naples is demanded custode i lira, sacristan of chapel 25 c. The apartments have the usual mixture of splendour and gloom, which is the characteristic of great palaces, but here the gloom predominates, and the sove- reigns seem to have thought so, for they have scarcely ever inhabited Caserta.

The columns of the theatre were plundered rom the temple of Serapis at Pozzuoli. The chapel contains a Presentation in the Temple by Mengs.

The stairs are formed of single blocks of the marble of Trapani, in Sicily, called LumacheUa, and at each landing are lions exquisitely sculptured, with numerous statues of allegorical figures. The sides are of the finest marbles, among which you see the choicest breccias of Dragoni, and the marbles of Vitulano in Principato Ulteriore.

There are twenty-four Ionic pillars adorning the centre of the vestibule made of the red breccia of Mous Garganus in Apulia, and sixteen of the portico are of the yellow breccia of the same mountain. The Gardens open to the public till Ave Maria , which trench upon the mountains, are of three kinds ; the Italian garden with its waterfalls and mythological statues ; the wood of the ancient Dukes of Caserta, which formed the feudal park ; and the English garden of Queen Caroline, with its greenhouses, cedars, tulip-trees, and magnolias.

The magnificent waterworks are supplied by a winding aqueduct twenty-one miles in length called Ponte Maddaloni, which brings the water from the foot of Monte Taburno, near Airola. Chacun d’eux des lors qu’il fut parfait, sentait deja son antique quant a la beaute. In the basins are kept gigantic bull-trout. The largest of the springs which supply the aqueduct is called Fizzo, the more abundant Fontana della Duca.

Above Caserta is the little Palace of S. Leucio or Belvidere, with a pretty park, and an ilex forest full of game is beyond it. It is worth while to make an excursion from Caserta into the beautiful district of the Matese.

The road crosses the Volturno to Cajazzo 8 miles , a considerable town with a large castle of the Florentine Corsi, which perhaps occupies the site of Calatia. A tomb near the high-road is shown as that of A.

Attilius Calatinus, a general distinguished in the First Punic War, whose epitaph is given by Cicero. The road again crosses the Volturno before reaching 11 miles Alife, on the site of AUifae of the Samnites, of which there are considerable remains. The walls AVERSA 19 form a rectangular parallelogram with gates in tlie centre of each side protected by bastions, and the lower portions of the walls are ancient.

Two miles farther is Piedimonte, in a pictur- esque situation at the foot of the Matese, with a fine castle of the Dukes of Lorenzano. In the neighbouring Val d ‘Inferno is the source of the Torano beneath a low natural arch. Piedi- monte is the best point for the ascent of the Matese, of which the highest peak, Monte Mileto is ft.

In the plain at the summit is a lake, said to be fathomless in the centre. Maddaloni 20, inhabitants is a clean town with balustrades and orange groves, and the ruins of three feudal castles on the hill above it. The brother of a Caraffa Duke of Maddaloni fell a victim during the Masaniello Revolution, and his carriage was used by Masaniello’s wife and mother when they paid their first visit of ceremony to the vice-queen.

The palace of dukes is now a college. Maddaloni is the best point from whence to make an excursion in search of the disputed site of the Caudine Forks Furculae Caudinae , which some place between S. Agata dei Goti cind Airola, a narrow tract watered by the brook Isclero, which fadls into the Voltumo a romantic little valley quite incapable of containing the 30, men of the Roman army ; and for which others indicate a vaUey three miles wide, which is entered close to Arienzo.

Here, when the Roman army, on its march from Calatia to Luceria, had entered, it is said that they found the passage of exit filled up by stones and trunks of trees.

Return- ing, they found their retreat blockaded in the same way, and, after being pent up for two days, were obhged to submit to the conditions of the Samnites, and stripped, scourged, and insulted, were let out one by one, being made to pass under a yoke to mark their disgrace.

Cancello mUes , at the foot of a castle-crowned hill, whence the line to Xola diverges on the left, and another is being made to Benevento. Purple-grey Vesuvius is seen on the left before reaching Naples. Aversa, 23, inhabitants Albergo dell’ Aurora can be best reached from Naples by electric tramway. It was the earliest settlement made by the Normans in Italy Here, while spending the hot months out of Naples at a royal castle, Andrew, the wretched Hungarian husband of Queen Joan I.

Prince Louis of Taranto. The object of the King of Hungary was to punish Naples for the murder : but he was unable to produce proofs of the queen’s alleged complicity. All was com- phcated by the fact that the kingdom of Naples was then a vassal to the Holy See, which favoured the anti-Hungarian circle at Naples.

Here, also, in January , King Louis of Hungary arraigned and executed Duke Charles of Durazzo, his cousin, and Joan’s brother-in-law, on the same spot where Andrew had been murdered. The execution, however, was universally condemned, and it is believed that the duke was not a party to the murder.

He had no trial. Parker’s, good in all resjjects. Pension Britannique, in the same situation, inferior, but convenient for solitary persons spending some time at Naples. Edeti Hotel, with garden. Hotel Washington, good, and esteemed healthy, but lackinj; outlook. Hotels d’Amerique, De la Ville, on the Chiaja, clean and comfortable. Hotel de Londres, Piazza del Municipio. In all these hotels rooms free from smells and with a free circulation of air before the windows should be chosen back rooms should be avoided.

Persons especially liable to fever should visit the sights of the town from the Hotel Quisisana at Castellamare, or the Hotel d’Angleterre near Pozzuoli, unless they can obtain good sunny, airy rooms at Naples in a healthy situation.

Lodgings may easily be found in Rione Principe Amadeo with good views : lire monthly. Carriages in the town. With two horses, the course i Ura 20 c, night i lira 50 c. These prices hold good to and from the railway station, or for any distance within the barriers ; each box is 30 c.

The porters at the railway station may charge 25 c. Carriages to the Neighbourhood. Cook and Son, 52 Piazza dei Martin. Steamship Offices. Cycles and Motor-cars are to be hired at Casati and Co.

Symons, Riviera di Chiaja. Atkinson, 61 Via Medina ; Dr. Kessel, 19 Piazza dci Martiri. Sea baths at Bagnoli and Temie. Bnglish Church. Presbyterian, 2 Via Cappella Vecchia. American Consulate. Byington, 4 Piazza Municipio first floor. British Consulate. Turner, 64 Strada S. Museo Nazionale, open from 9 to 4, entrance i lira ; free on Sundays and Thurs- days from 9 to Direttore degli Scavi del Regno, at the museum, must be asked for a ticket to draw at Pompeii.

The Churches are almost aU closed after midday, except the cathedral, and before that time are often inconveniently crowded for sightseeing. They are oppressive from the scarcity of ventilation and the fumes of incense, which, however, is most desirable in this country, being in itself a relic of paganism. An Artist will seek his work rather at Baiae and Cumae or on the islands than at Naples. But the lover of architectural subjects may find them in S.

Giovanni a Carbonara, the ambulatory of S. Lorenzo, and the cloisters of Monte Oliveto. Naples N. But Athenian colonists came later and built a city close by toward the Sebeto, which they called Neapolis, after which the western and older part of the town was known as Palaeopolis, until B.

As a Roman municipal town, Neapolis continued to flourish, retaining, however, its Greek culture and institutions. Under the empire, the beauty and salubrity of the neighbour- hood made it the favourite summer resort of the Roman aristo- cracy, and it formed a perpetual theme of the Latin poets.

After suffering sieges from Belisarius and Totila, Naples became a dependency of the Exarchate of Ravenna, under a duke ap- pointed by the Eastern Emperors, but, at length, throwing off their yoke, it established a republican government which lasted for years under the nominal sovereignty of a duke. Roger de Hauteville taking it in 1 , founded the kingdom of Naples.

Its walls may in part be traced built up amongst the modem houses of the most crowded part of the town, also its four gates — Porta Nolana, Porta Capuana, Porta S.

Gennaro, and Porta S. Maria di Con- stantinopoli. In Alfonso V. In Philip V. In the kingdom was in- vaded by an army sent by Napoleon, who established the short- lived reigns of Joseph Bonaparte, soon transferred to Spain, and of Joachim Murat, who was driven out in 18 15 by the Austrians.

The Bourbon rule was restored in the person of Ferdinand I. Naples has always been fond of change : there is an Italian book which gives the history of the twenty-seventh revolt Mas- aniello’s of ” the very faithful town of Naples. Almost everybody in Naples cheats, but cheats in as lively and pleasant a manner as is compatible with possibilities. Nearly all the officials peculate, and perhaps not more than two-thirds of the taxes ever reach the public exchequer.

If the traveller is robbed, he wUl never secure redress, for, as in Ireland, it would be impossible to obtain witnesses, or to find a jury sufficiently fearless to convict.

The Neapolitan nobility are somewhat numerous, but few are of earlier date than that of Murat : the families of Pignatelli, Filangieri, StigUano, San Severino, Caraffa, Del Balzo, and Caracciolo, are, of course, exceptions. Certain Neapolitan nobles are also Roman princes and grandees of Spain, but few others, except the Caraccioli, have much left except their titles ; the extinction of primogeniture has, for the most part, robbed them of their palaces and fortunes.

They almost all gamble — in the public lottery, if nowhere else. Scarcely any of the young men have professions ; they spend their nights in dancing or cards, get up at midday, and perhaps take a turn in the Villa Nazionale in the afternoon. As it is the universal custom amongst the lower orders to marry at seventeen, and Neapolitan women are proverbially prolific, the tall, narrow houses in the back streets swarm with children, and are like rabbit-warrens ; whole families live huddled together, but not without cleanliness or decency, though the air sometimes resounds at once with blows and cries, singing and laughter.

Since the enormous increase of taxation, poverty has been more felt, though the town has suffered less than the country. Formerly also, though want often existed, starvation was unknown, as every thoroughly needy person could obtain help at the convents.

Little, however, is needed to sustain life at Naples, and there are thousands who consider a dish of beans at midday to be sumptuous fare, while the horrible condiment called pizza made of dough baked with garlic, rancid bacon, and strong cheese is esteemed a feast.

The English are apt to talk a great deal about the idleness of Neapolitans, either from legends which they have heard of the Lazzaroni, or because they are only acquainted with the natives as they are seen in the English quarter. But no European town presents a busier or more industrious aspect than Neapolitan Naples, and if the country people are not at work it is because they have nothing to do, for the land is so rich that for the greater part of the year it takes care of itself.

Every one in the town who is not working, and as many as possible of those who are, spend the day in the open air, encumbering the narrow streets with their chairs, lathes, or carpenters’ tables, or cobblers’ stalls.

Everybody seems to be amused, and occupies himself in amusing his neigh- bours. The Neapolitan believes himself to be in possession of Paradise, and entertains a poor opinion of our northern lands — ” Sempre neve, casa di legno, gran ignoranza, ma denari assai. The old historic NAPLES 25 Neapolitan names have also been changed to Piedmontese appel- lations, which are meaningless here, and even the ” larghi,” “strade,” “vichi,” “calate,” so characteristic of Naples, have become ” piazze,” “vie,” ” vicoli.

Many of the national characteristics of the lower classes have disappeared since the union of Naples with the ItaUan kingdom : but a few remain. Crowds stiU listen on the quays to ImproW- satori or to men in rags who recite whole cantos of Orlando Furioso to a dehghted audience, which will adjourn afterwards to admire the antics of PolicineUa.

The Acquaiuoli stiU shout : Scrivani Pubblici, or public letter-writers, still pursue their avocation in the arcades near the Piazza del Municipio : the Caprajo still drives his goats twice a day through the streets, and milks them under your windows, or on your staircase : men still become frantic over Morra : women still dance the Tarantella but for money to a tambourine in the temples of Baiae : and Mangia ilaccaroni, or maccaroni-eaters, still devour for money , as represented in the Pompeian frescoes, an in- credible amount of maccaroni at Sorrento and Amalfi.

Toilettes are still performed in the public street, and it is still common to see a group of young girls, in picturesque attitudes, busy toileting each other’s hair. But the Calessini no longer dash along the Mergellina as they did in the ewl time of the Bourbons, with from twenty to twenty-four passengers inside, and a beggar or tivo taking the air and the dust for half a grano in the net underneath, the single horse going faster the more it was pulled, and being stopped by a hiss.

The King of the Thieves no longer holds his sway unmolested, and is no longer bargained with for enforcing the restoration of articles stolen by his subjects.

Those best known to strangers were content to do nothing but lie in the sun. In his Majesty was still supreme, and undertook to obtain the restoration of a watch for the author within twenty-four hours.

Tout leur corps, ainsi que leur visage, est d’un rouge fonce ; ils ressembleut k d’effrayants sauvages,” — Memoires de Madame de Genlis, iii.

The better class of Lazzaroni were those of the port, who were for the most part hard-working and industrious, though their especial metier was to cheat, and they were often excessively violent.

Intensely superstitious, they were always ready to take up arms in defence of their saints, if they thought that their festas or shrines were endangered ; but they were also loyal subjects of their king, and, in , defended the town for two days against the French, with great self-sacrifice and courage.

The familiarity between servants and masters in Naples will astonish visitors from the north, as well as the dirtiness and laziness of Neapolitan servants, who almost universally refuse to do any kind of work except exactly that for which they are engaged. The best servants in Naples are all imported from North Italy.

Almost more lazy still than the servants are the Neapolitan workmen, who insist upon a siesta of two hours after their dinner, for which they exact freedom at mezzogiomo. The very exercise of speech seems burdensome to these dwellers ” in otia natam Parthenopen,” and a monosyllable is usually all the answer which a question will obtain.

Shopping in Naples is an unutterably wearisome and laborious occupation. The shopkeepers are often rude, and, at best, Neapolitans always begin by asking four times as much as they intend to take, and yet, as Mark Twain says, if you give them what they first demand, they are ashamed of themselves for aiming so low, and immediately ask for more.

The sale of articles in coral and tortoiseshell, of views of Naples in guache, and of terra-cotta copies of the statues in the museums usually broken in transport , are the most respectable industries : as to the ” antiques,” they are almost always of modern manufacture, Naples abounds in benevolent institutions, of which the most remarkable are the Hospital of the Incurabili ; the Foundling Hospital of L’Annunziata ; the Workhouse called the Reclu- sorio or Serraglio ; the Blind Asylum ; the Lunatic Asylum ; and the Home for Penitents, called the Angelo Custode.

One morning at least should be devoted to the numerous churches scattered through the labyrinthine streets of the old town, though their interest is entirely confined to their monu- ments, the buildings themselves, as Forsyth observes, being ” for the most part mere harlequins in marble.

With the best map or directions it will be next to impossible for a stranger to fipd NAPLES 27 his way on foot through the featureless streets all exactly like each other, and he will at first be utterly confused by the in- cessant noise of every kind. As a central point, let us find ourselves in the Largo della Vittoria, which may now be considered the centre of the strangers’ quarter. On the north-east the busy Strada di Chiaja leads to the heart of the town.

On the west are the gates of the Villa Nazionale, the small existing remnant of the Villa Reale which was laid out by the Duke of Medina in as a garden over- hanging the sea, with exquisite views towards the Castel del Ovo, Vesuvius, and the mountains above Paestum.

Once the most enchanting of resorts, this garden possessed many quiet shady boschetti, as well as sunny walks, where invalids could enjoy the fountains and flowers. But these are destroyed since the union, and the Villa Nazionale bordered on the north by the Chiaja is now a well-kept promenade with a fine view, encircled by noisy high-roads.

The most conspicuous object in the gardens is the granite basin of a fountain from Paestum, which long stood in the forecourt of the cathedral at Salerno. A band plays near this in the afternoons. Turning left from the Largo della Vittoria, by the Chiatamone, a terrace of handsome houses under the rock called Pizzofalcone, we reach the approach to the Castel del Ovo where Odoacer imprisoned the last Emperor, Romulus Augustulus, in the Castrum Lucullanum , the most picturesque object in Naples, occupying the island which Plinyspeaksof asMegaris, andStatius as Megalia, now connected with the mainland by a bridge.

In the fourth century, being given by Constantine to the Church, the island became called Isola di S. The castle was begim in 11 54 by Maestro Buono for William I. Within these wails Queen Helena, the unhappy widow of Manfred, was imprisoned by Charles, with her children who had been bom there.

Joanna I. It was restored in We now enter the Strada 5. Luda — so familiar from the fisher song, a terrace overhanging the sea, having irregularly built houses on the left, with shops for coral, lava, and photographs. Here we have our first glimpse of Neapolitan life in the oddly filled stalls of the shell vendors, and in the fish, fruit, and lemon- ade sellers.

A pretty fountain near the sea was the work of Giovanni da Nola and Domenico d’Auria. The Strada dei Giganti ascends a little rising ground, and we find ourselves in the wide dusty modem Piazza del Plebiscito called Largo del Palazzo Reale till i], with its glaring semi- circle of white colunms converging to the Church of S. To the left, beyond the colonnade, the crowded Strada di Chiaja leads at the back of Pizzofalcone, under the arch called Ponte di Chiaja, to the Piazza da’ Martiri, which has a column com- memorating those killed in the four revolutions of , , , i This is the shortest means of communication with the English quarter.

Facing the church, with the appearance of a royal country villa, is the grey and red Palazzo Reale, formerly called La Reggia, originally built in by Domenico Fontana for the Viceroy Count de Lemos, but burnt down in and rebuilt in 1 84 1. The interior is shown, but is little worth seeing, though there is a fine staircase. Here also Queen Caroline took leave of her court before her second flight into Sicily from the French.

If desired, the porter 30 c. Behind the palace on the north is the world-famous Teatro S. Carlo, built by Charles III. It disputes with the Scala at Milan the reputation of being the largest theatre in Europe.

Under the portico, public letter-writers still pursue their trade, though it has fallen off. Beyond the theatre, at the gate of the little palace garden, are two bronze statues of horse-tamers, by Baron Clodt, given to Ferdinand II.

Hence we enter right the Piazza del Municipio, formerly Largo del Castello, full of petty theatres and booths for popular amusement. The perpetual noise is such as no words can describe, ” Napoletani maestri in schiamazzare. On the right is the vast and gloomy Castel Nuovo, the Bastilc of Naples. The details are by the Milanese Pietro di Martitio. The virtues of Alphonso are displayed by allegorical figures above a second arch, and the whole is crowned by statues of S.

Michael, S. Anthony, and S. Beneath the attic is inscribed — ” Alphonsus rex Hispanus Siculus Italicus plus clemens invictus. Embedded in the bronze is a cannon-ball fired in the time of Gonsalvo da Cordova. Hence we enter a four-sided court, containing the Church of S. Bar- bara, the patroness of soldiers custode right of triumphal arch, 50 c , approached through a beautiful portal by Mattia Forti- mani, A statuette of the Madonna and Child is by F. The ciborium is by G.

Delia Pila, 1. Behind the choir is an admirable winding staircase of the fifteenth century, with travertine steps, leading to the campanile. It was in the great hall of the castle, called Sala di S. Luigi now an armoury , that Pope Celestine V. On the opposite side of the tramway, with a descent of five steps from the road level under Gothic arches is the little Church of S.

Maria I’Incoronata open from 8 to 12 , built by Joanna I. The much-faded Sienese frescoes on the vaulting are believed to be the work of Roberto di Oderisio. They represent the Seven Sacraments of the Church,. Central arch, right. Behind the queen are her related ladies, behind Louis the priests. A violin player is vigorously at work, and the Court underneath is dancing the wedding dance.

The figures in the foreground have perished. Left behind. Left over door. Left of the round tvindou;. That Pietro was the architect was stated on his gravestone, formerly in S.

Petrarch extols the latter in one of his epistles : ” Si in terram exeas cappellam regis intrare non omiseris, in quacontera- neus olim mens Giottus pictor nostri aevi princeps magna reliquit manus et ingenii monumenta. The church contains many votive offerings. At the end of the left aisle is the Cappella del Crocefisso, containing some ruined frescoes of the fourteenth century, by Gennaro da Cola.

Opposite the Incoronata are a modern statue of Francesco Saverio, and the Palazzo Fondi, by Vanvitelli, containing a small collection of pictures. In this neighbourhood the last of the Lazzaroni may be seen basking in the sun. The Strada del Piliero skirts the Porto Grande, used for merchandise.

A hand- some fountain stands near it, close against the sea. Hence, by skirting the Molo Piccolo, we reach the Via Marina, which runs along the shore, with beautiful views towards Vesuvius on one side, and S. Elmo on the other. The town also looks its best from hence — ” Oncle dal porto suo parea inchinarc La Regina del mar, la Dea del Mare. Pietro Martire, founded by Charles II. At the sides of the choir are sarcophagus tombs in the wall to Isabella di Chiaramonte, first wife of Ferdinand II.

In the right transept are two fine decora- tive figures by Santa Croce, and the expressive tomb of the lawyer Antonio Saverio Patrizi, Outside the entrance now removed to the museum was a curious ex-voto relief, dedicated to the Holy Trinity by Franceschino da Brignole, in gratitude for having been twice preserved from drowning when his com panions were lost.

Maria del Carmine, of which the handsome red-and-grey tower is a conspicuous feature. Here Masaniello who had his stronghold and was executed in the adjoining Castello del Car- mine in is said, but without evidence, to be buried. The original church on this site is said to have been founded by Margaret of Bavaria, daughter-in-law of Frederick II.

The murdered prince lies behind the high altar, under a stone marked R. Regis Corradini Corpus , but he is commemorated in a beautiful statue, modelled by Thorwaldsen, and executed by Schopf of Munich in , for Maximilian II. The two reliefs on the pedestal by Schopf represent the parting of Conradin from his mother in the Tyrol, and that at the foot of the scaffold from his bosom friend, Frederick of Baden, who already married, and three years older than Conradin, had been his companion from childhood, and was executed with him.

Mais il n’etait plus temps. Lorsqu’eUe aborda a Naples, Conradin etait mort. L’archeveque la recut avec respect et lui apprit que desormais tout etait fini pour elle. Alors I’infortunee ne demanda qu’une grace : elle voulut elever un monument a celui qu’elle pleurait, sur le lieu meme o’u il avait peri. Charles n’y consentit point, seule- ment il autorisa I’erection d’une eglise sur la place publique temoin de I’attentat, et, pour I’expier, il assigna des sommes considerables qui, jointes k I’inutile rangon, attesterent a la fois les regrets d’une mere inconsolable et les remords tardifa d’un vaiaqueur sans pitie.

Louis, that the champion of the Church, after a mock trial, by the sentence of one judge, Robert di Lavena — after an unanswerable pleading by Guido di Suzaria, a famous jurist — had condemned the last heir of the Swabian house — a rival king, who had fought gallantly for his hereditarj- throne — to be executed as a felon and a rebel on a public scaffold. So little did Conradin dread his fate, that when his doom was announced, be was playing at chess with Frederick of Austria.

Queens of the Middle Ages lost their title by a second marriage. Every circumstance aggravated the abhorrence : it was said — perhaps it was the invention of that abhorrence — that Robert of Flanders, the brother of Charles, struck dead the judge who had presumed to read the iniquitous sentence. When Conradin knelt, with uplifted hands, awaiting the blow of the executioner, he uttered these last words : ‘ O my mother!

With Conradin died his young and valiant friend, Frederick of Austria, the two Lancias, and two of the noble house of Donaticcio of Pisa. The adjoining “Piazza, del Mercato, where a great market is held on Mondays and Fridays, is a spot where strangers may well study Neapolitan life amongst the lower orders, and where artists may find plenty of subjects amongst the booths, the pretty stalls of the lemonade- vendors, hung with bright festoons of lemons like pictures of Girolamo dai Libri, and the groups of women round the three fountains.

Of these, the largest is called Fontana di Masaniello, for it is here that, in , the young fisherman Tommaso Aniello — Masaniello — roused to fury by the fact of his young wife having been fined a hundred ducats for trying to smuggle three pounds of flour into Naples in a stocking to evade the octroi, first roused the people to the revolution, which led to his sovereignty of eight days, which ended in his early death.

The scaffold, called LaMadaja, was appropriately erected in front of the Vico del Sospiro. It was here that Conradin was beheaded, October 29, On the north of the piazza stands the gay and thoroughly Neapolitan Cappella della Croce, where, in the second sacristy entered at the end of the right wall , are preserved the carved block of stone on which Conradin suffered, and the porphyry pillar, supporting an ancient crucifix, which formerly stood on the site of the scaffold, commemorating the treachery of Giovanni Frangipani, Lord of Astura, by whom the young prince was captured and betrayed, in the inscription — ” Asturis ungue leo pullum rapiens aquillinum Hie deplumavit, acephalumque dedit,” a horrible play upon the word astur vulture and the castle of Astura, near Porto d’Anzio.

The block and cross, however, are the most interesting existing memorials of Conradin ; the church, with its statue and inscription, are all of recent date. On the south-west of the piazza, near an old stone cross, is the Church of S. Eligio S. Loo — the patron of workers in metal , with a beautiful Gothic porch of the fourteenth century and a statue of the saint. A gate crosses the narrow street below the church, and, upon it, two heads, below the clock, record the romantic administration of justice upon this spot by the Regent Isabella of Aragon, daughter of Alphonso I.

Annunziata founded by King Robert in and rebuilt , of white marble, under Vanvitelli. The proportions of the interior are fine. Near the high altar is a good work of Spagnoletto, and at its foot is the bare grave-stone of Queen Joanna II. It is in accord- ance vfiih a clause in her will that the queen is buried ” under a flat stone. Turning west from the gate, we find, in the street of the same name, S. Agostino della Zecca, founded by Charles I. The third chapel on the right contains the tomb of Francesco Coppola, Count of Samo, treacherously beheaded, after his safety had been guaranteed, with Antonello Petrucci in front of the Castel Nuovo, for the ” Conspiracy of the Barons ” against Ferdinand I.

The sons of Petrucci were beheaded in the Largo del Mercato. The pulpit is very richly sculptured.


[The Spectator vol. 1


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