10 Unique Thinking Of You Gifts That Will Make Him Feel Special

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Everyone loves to feel special. Whether it’s receiving a gift that’s personal or unique, everyone enjoys feeling like they’re the only person who matters for a moment. And what better way to make someone feel special than by giving them a gift that’s completely theirs? In this post, we’ll introduce you to ten unique thinking of you gifts that will make him feel special and appreciated. From intimate items to thoughtful gestures, read on to find the perfect present for the special man in your life!

Unique Thinking Of You Gifts That Will Make Her Feel Special

When it comes to gift-giving, sometimes the simplest things can be the most special. And when it comes to making someone feel loved, nothing says “I love you” like a thoughtful gift. Here are some unique thinking of you gifts that will make him feel special:

1. A personal note or card. Sometimes all it takes is a handwritten note or carefully selected card to let your partner know how much you care about them. Whether it’s just a quick hello or a heartfelt message, these little touches convey so much emotion and make them feel really special.

2. A romantic getaway. If he’s always putting in long hours at work and you want to show him just how much you appreciate him, take him on a romantic getaway! This could be anything from staying in a luxurious hotel room to exploring an entirely new city together. Not only will this give you both valuable relaxation time, but he’ll also appreciate the chance to get away from normal routine and have some fun!

3. Perfume or cologne samples. For guys who love feeling manly and sexy, sometimes the best way to do that is with a subtle hint of fragrance. Why not spoil him with a few free perfume or cologne samples? They’ll love getting that special smell all day long, and it’ll remind him just how important he is to you (or maybe turn him on even more!).

4. A custom-made

Unique Thinking Of You Gifts That Will Make Them Both Feel Special

Looking for a unique gift idea for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Consider getting them something that will make them both feel special. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. A massage: A relaxing massage can be a great way to show your loved one that you care. Not only will they benefit from the massage itself, but they’ll also appreciate the gesture of being cared for.

2. A cooking class: Show your partner that you’re interested in spending time together by taking them on a cooking class together. This will give you both the opportunity to learn new skills and have some fun at the same time.

3. Tickets to a concert or play: If your partner is into music, tickets to a concert or play would be a great gift idea! Not only will they enjoy the event, but you’ll get to spend some quality time with them too.

4. Flowers: Flowers are always a popular choice when it comes to gifts, and they’re sure to make your loved one feel special. Choose flowers that represent something special about them, or choose flowers in an unusual color or shape.

5. A home-cooked meal: Another great gift option is cooking a home-cooked meal for your partner! This can be an intimate experience that shows how much you care about them.

Unique Thinking Of You Gifts That Will Show Your Affection

When you are looking for a unique gift for your loved one, think about something that will show your affection. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. A personalized journal – This is a great gift for anyone, whether they are a spornt or not. Not only does it let them know how much you care about them, but it can also act as a running record of all the good times together.

2. A home-cooked meal – If he’s anything like me, he loves coming home to a delicious meal cooked by you! Maybe make him something special like his favorite dish or something new that you’ve been working on in the kitchen.

3. A custom-made shirt or sweater – If he’s into fashion, finding him a shirt or sweater made just for him is sure to make his day! You could go with something classic and timeless or experiment with something more out there and trendy. Either way, he’ll love having something uniquely him designed and made just for him.

4. A night at the spa – This might be a bit extravagant for some people, but if your guy enjoys pampering himself occasionally then this could be right up his alley! Maybe book him an overnight massage session or indulge in some other luxurious service. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that went into choosing this unique gift for him!

Unique Thinking Of You Gifts That Will Make Them Laugh

1. A funny mug with a clever saying that can be used as a daily reminder of your love for him.

2. A novel book about his favorite hobby or interest.

3. A customized gift basket filled with delicious treats and humorous little notes that show you’ve been paying close attention!

4. A fun t-shirt that proclaims your love for one another in an irreverent way.

5. Personalized keychains and mugs are always a hit with loved ones, especially when they contain witty sayings or funny pictures of the two of you together!

Unique Thinking Of You Gifts That Will Inspire Them

A gift that is unique and thought out can be the perfect present for someone special. Here are five unique gifts ideas for men that will make them feel special:

1. A personal journal/diary. This can be a great way to show your partner how much you care and write down your thoughts, feelings, and reflections.

2. A handmade gift. This is a great option if you want to show your partner that you care about their interests and feelings. It can be something as simple as a crafted book ornaments or a personalized mug.

3. A thoughtful gift card. This is a great way to show your partner that you have taken the time to think about their preferences and wants. You could also give them a set amount of money to spend on whatever they like, rather than giving them an item outright.

4. A trip together! If your partner enjoys spending time outdoors, consider booking them a trip together – this could be anywhere from abroad to their hometown – either as a surprise or as part of a planned event in the near future.

5. Something homemade! Whether it’s cookies, cakes, or even simply flowers delivered straight to their door, making something special for your partner (and preferably with their favorite flavor!) shows how much you care about them and makes them feel loved!

Unique Thinking Of You Gifts That Will Make Their Day

There are a lot of things you can buy your significant other to show how special they mean to you, but sometimes the simplest things can be the best. Whether your guy is a techie or not, here are some unique thinking of you gifts that will make him feel special.

1. A tech-focused gift: If your guy loves gadgets and technology, consider getting him a new smartphone or laptop. He’ll love the thoughtfulness and you’ll both know he’s always one step ahead of the curve.

2. Something for his favorite pastime: If your guy enjoys spending time outdoors, consider getting him a new hiking rod or fishing gear. It’ll give him something to look forward to during those long days on the couch (or in his office).

3. Something handmade: Not everyone loves buying stuff online, so why not get your guy something handmade? This could be something as simple as a homemade card or gift basket filled with goodies he loves. It shows that you really care about him and puts a smile on his face when he opens it up!


As the holidays near, it’s time to start thinking about what unique gift ideas you have. Whether you’re shopping for your husband or boyfriend, these ten gifts will make him feel special and appreciated. Whether he loves cooking or spending time outdoors, there is a perfect gift for everyone on this list!

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