Top 5 Australian Cafes Opened For Students in New York

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, some people declared New York a “dead city.” But after a painful year, the city is slowly getting back to its feet with traffic resuming and some noise being noticed. 

One of the things that bring Australians together is good meals. New York hosts a range of Australian cafes that can meet the tastes of Australians to the fullest. Here is a list of the top ten Australian cafes you can find in New York.

Ruby’s Café

Ruby’s cafe is a great option for students, although it is always packed. This café has all sorts of foods you could be craving, from breakfast options to satisfying kinds of pasta and healthy salads. Anything from Ruby’s cafe is amazing and will make you feel happy and healthy. 

If you are a homesick Australian student, this is where you can enjoy an Aussie burger with finely chopped onions and peppers and topped with beet slices and fried egg. For breakfast, enjoy a “plat white’ and the mouth-watering ricotta hotcakes. 

One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the affordable breakfast bowl constituting of Bronte burger and spaghetti. They even make vegemite toast which is a great Australian delicacy. Recently, Ruby’s opened a new and less crowded outlet in Murray Hill

Hole in the Wall

Unlike other Australian cafes in New York, Hole in the wall is yet to be discovered by many. Here, you can grab your favorite Australian meal without waiting for so long. The menu consists of healthy meals, including the Greek yogurt panna cotta and the cauliflower rice bowl. 

At the Hole on the Wall cafe, you can enjoy food and get to understand and appreciate the Australian culture. Additionally, it offers a good environment for writing assignments on various topics.  A thing to note here is that when students visit a new place, they love to explore new cafes and restaurants, which takes time. Students do not have enough time to study, so Edubirdie writers can help them. After reading the Edubirdie review, which is written by experts in the academic writing and analysis field, it’s sure that students will find solutions to their writing worries. The site has great writers, plenty of experience and continuously ranks as number one on all parameters.


Banter is located in Greenwich Village and it’s a relatively new restaurant serving breakfast throughout the day. Banter is good at bringing something new to the table from time to time, including spinning the basic smash toast. 

Instead of the usual avocado, you can try the sweet potato mash served with goat cheese. You can also take a break from bacon and order the golden folded egg. Banter always gets the food right and is quite affordable. 

The banter bowl comes with vegetables served with grilled chicken or smoked salmon. You can also enjoy the Nutella French toast, and even if it is not too healthy, it is very tasty. 

Little Collins

Little Collins is a small café with limited seating capacity and therefore suitable for quick grabs. This is a great place to spend a long time taking breakfast with friends. Little Collins is popular with excellent coffee and avocado toast which is served with pepitas and chili.

If you are craving something sweet, you can opt for almond brittle or toasted banana bread. Little Collins has a welcoming staff, reasonably priced menu, and sleek decor.


Dudleys’ café is open throughout the day serving, breakfast, dinner, and creative cocktails. The menu features some American bites with an amazing Aussie twist. One unique thing about Dudley’s is that its menu consists of more indulgent options such as fried chicken sandwiches and pancakes with bananas and hazelnuts. 

Other food items on the menu include the rice salad served with a fried egg and the big breakie consisting of bacon, two eggs, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, hashbrowns, and toast. If you are health conscious, there are healthy options to consider including avocado toast. 

Maybe you prefer to study and do assignments in cafes. If you are used to the Aussie healthy outlets, Dudleys is a great option for finding inspiration for writing assignments.

When you change the environment, this may enable your brain to readapt as it goes through the change process. This may open up your mind to different ideas and perspectives.  


As an Australian student in New York, you can continue appreciating your culture because of the range of menus in the above cafes. Most of the cafes offer healthy menus with some indulgence options available as well. Whether you are looking for a place to eat or write your assignments and homework, these top cafes are sufficient. Check the ones that meet your expectations in terms of service, proximity, and meal options.  

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