Run an Outstanding Business with These Store Name Ideas.

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A strong brand name gives a business a great advantage when you start a new business. The right brand name can be the most asset to drive speedy acceptance for any business. That being true, wrong names can cost you millions in losses. 

Physical or online stores need to have the right name to help them stand out from the crowd of competitors. Below are a few store name ideas to help you come up with a killer name:

Be Different.

Great business names are unique by the fact of not being used by other businesses. As the business owner, market research is necessary to find out the names taken by your direct competitors. It’s advisable to come up with a name that is entirely different from those of the competitors.

The greatest challenge in creating a name is that each should reflect the type of products you are selling and your niche. The name shouldn’t appear in any way to mirror your competitors. For instance, if you want to major in technology and electronics, you can avoid terms such as “electronics,” “technology,” and “future,” which competitors have used in their names. Think differently and stand out. Customers love that uniqueness, and you will see your store making huge sales.

Keep it Short and Simple.

Short snappy names are great for various reasons. A short name is easy to pronounce, memorable, and effortlessly fits your store’s website homepage header.

Finding such a name, and that isn’t in use by another business can be challenging. Don’t forget that thousands of people launch brands every minute, and of course, a name that appeals to you will appeal to others too. Fortunately, we live in a technocrats’ world, and you can get a million names to use in your store.

Below are some strategies to help you get a great short name:

  • Try to combine two rhyming or alliterative short words since they are more memorable. e.g., “Snack Snap.”
  • Make up a unique short word. Brands like eBay, Skype, and Google have highly recognizable names though they aren’t real words.

Consider your online presence.

As you settle on a business name, you need to consider the availability of your chosen domain. Most successful businesses use their names as part of their domain names to make it easier for customers to find them online. A domain should adequately represent your brand. If customers such as you on the internet using your store name, they should get your business website as the first result in any search engine.

For those who want to sell on a third-party marketplace like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon, a unique store name ensures that customers don’t confuse your business and other businesses.


The right business/store name is the beginning of a business’s success. Any venture will need a name to aid its operations. Though you can come up with a name, Namify store name generator creates names that combine all the business name ideas to see your business succeed.

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